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Silver star, sun and moon necklace with purple amethyst

Silver star, sun and moon necklace with purple amethyst

Regular price €133,00

Material: 925 sterling silver / purple amethyst

Color: Silver 

Size: 42 cm + 8 cm 

Size on pendant: 2 cm * 1,4 cm 

Style no.: 310113

Vejl. udsalgspris DKK 499,-

Price in EU €22 (Retail price EU €67)

Ametyst is known for love in everyday life, wisdom and mental awareness. Promotes intuition, humility, spiritual development and clarity. It has a calming effect, and amethyst gives you confidence and tranquility to make decisions. If you are nervous and face a difficult decision, wear amethyst close to your body.

The grenade cleans up, meaning that it brings all previous displacements to the surface so that it can be cleaned out. It will teach you to see the light in the dark. It also confronts us with our sexuality.

Stories and myths about stones and crystals can be brought back to ancient times. Each of the countless stones and crystals was added to certain characteristics due to their colors and peace rate. Likewise, many of the crystals were used as a gemstone to spell power and position. It is said that when wearing a crystal on the body, the frequency of the crystal goes in and synchronizes with the body and brings it back into balance.





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